About Us


The company “Schneider – Jewelry & watch center” was founded in 1982 in the city of Ra’anana, by Arie Schneider, a fourth generation watchmaker. The company started as a small shop based on watch and jewelry repair, and a kind and professional service. Today, on the main street of Ra’anana, “Schneider – Jewelry & watch center” is proud to keep the same level of service, in addition to having the best watch and jewelry brands.


Schneider Family






In “Schneider” you can enjoy a large variety of watches, jewelry and additional services. As we wish to serve all people, we offer watches and jewelry at all price ranges. From earrings for young girls, to hand-made diamond jewelry; from digital watches for children and G-SHOCK watches for soldiers, to high-end watches as Breitling, Rolex and Omega- There’s something for everyone.


In “Schneider – Jewelry & watch center” you can find a large variety of high-end diamond jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and pearl beaded necklaces. In addition, we also keep a large variety of hand-made gold jewelry, gold name necklaces, leg bracelets, zircon or gem stone earrings, and many more.


The services that are given in “Schneider – Jewelry & watch center” are diverse. We have a watch lab that provides services of strap replacement, batteries, watch sealing, overhauls, restorationas and repairs to all types of watches with full guarantee, using original parts. Also, we have a workshop with a professional goldsmith, which designs, manufactures and fixes jewelry. Other services include jewelry welding, hinges fixing, enlarging/reducing ring sizes, threading pearl beaded necklaces, installing locks and manufacturing jewelry by the customers design.